Cooking light leftover turkey recipes

How long is leftover turkey good for?

A guide to storing Thanksgiving leftoversFoodFridgeFreezerTurkey, cooked3-4 days2-3 monthsMeat (ham, beef), cooked3-4 days2-3 monthsGravy1-2 days2-3 monthsCranberry sauce10-14 days1-2 months

What are 4 uses for leftover turkey?

4 Brilliant Ways to Use Turkey

  • Turkey Curry Soup. This quick stew is rich and fragrant with curry, lime and herbs. …
  • Turkey Tonnato. Leftover turkey gets totally transformed when it’s topped with a creamy sauce made with yogurt, herbs and tuna.
  • Turkey Reuben Hash. …
  • Turkey-Stuffing Salad.

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How do you reuse Thanksgiving leftovers?

Talk about a transformation.

  1. Spicy Bean Chili With Leftover Roast Potatoes. …
  2. Holiday Leftover Tart. …
  3. Thanksgiving Leftovers Tacos With Cranberry Salsa. …
  4. Saffron Risotto With Roasted Vegetables. …
  5. Oven-Baked Latkes. …
  6. Potato Kofta in Butter Sauce. …
  7. Fall Harvest Collard Green Rolls. …
  8. Apples Stuffed With Red Cabbage and Cranberries.

What is the most popular way to serve leftover turkey?

Now What? 5 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey

  1. The Twist on a Classic: Shepherd’s Turkey Pie. Mashed potatoes top this delicious layered casserole that makes great comfort food.
  2. The Fun Family Favorite: Turkey Tostadas. …
  3. The Savory Side: Turkey Potato Salad. …
  4. The One-dish Meal: Eve’s Tasty Turkey Tetrazzini.

Is cooked turkey still good after a week?

Cooked turkey is safe in the fridge for up to three to four days, so you can get creative with some recipes over the next few days. Remember, if you’re heating up the leftover turkey, ensure it is piping hot throughout. Do not reheat meat more than once.

When should you throw out leftover turkey?

Use the following guidelines to determine when your Thanksgiving leftovers should be left behind:

  1. Refrigerated cooked turkey should be eaten within three to four days.
  2. Stuffing and gravy should be eaten within one to two days.
  3. Casseroles and cooked vegetables should be eaten within three to four days.
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What do you serve with turkey?

  • Butternut Squash Soup.
  • Butter-Basted Roast Turkey with Mushroom Gravy.
  • Pickled Vegetables.
  • Potato Clover Dinner Rolls.
  • Creamed Pearl Onions.
  • Roasted Potatoes and Turnips.
  • Sourdough Mushroom Stuffing.
  • Spiced Baked Sweet Potatoes.

How do you freeze leftover turkey?

Slice the meat from the turkey and wrap it in freezer paper or foil, then seal in plastic freezer bags (make sure to press out all the air before sealing). Liquids, like soup or gravy, will expand slightly as they freeze, so leave a little space at the top of the container.

What do I do with the turkey neck?

First, take the giblets and neck from the raw turkey and cover them with water by 2 inches in a small saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil over medium heat, then reduce the heat to low and simmer it for 1 hour to both to cook the meat and to make a giblet broth for the gravy.

How do you use leftovers creatively?

Don’t Throw That Away! 10 Creative Ways to Use Leftovers

  1. Create leftovers purposefully. When you’re planning meals, think about what the extras can become. …
  2. Store leftovers smartly. …
  3. Dedicate a leftovers night. …
  4. Turn dinner into lunch. …
  5. Think “ingredients,” not “leftovers.” …
  6. Make soup. …
  7. Salvage stale bread. …
  8. Stash vegetable scraps.

How do you reuse a turkey?

Appetizers & Soup

  1. Reduced Fat Buffalo Chicken Dip (substitute leftover turkey)
  2. Cream of Turkey Soup.
  3. Turkey Tarragon Soup.
  4. Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup (substitute leftover turkey)
  5. Panera Chicken & Wild Rice Soup (substitute leftover turkey)
  6. Cream of Asparagus Soup.
  7. Cranberry Pecan Turkey Salad.
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How do you freeze gravy?

Spoon the gravy into freezer bags, airtight containers, or ice cube trays (for use in smaller amounts in the future) before you freeze it. Flour-thickened gravy can remain frozen in an airtight container for up to four months without a noticeable loss in quality.

What do you do with dry turkey?

Simply combine a few tablespoons of butter with a cup of broth (chicken or beef broth work best) for every two cups of turkey. Make sure the liquid isn’t too thick so that the dried bird actually absorbs it and you’re not left with a dripping mess.

What can I do with leftover turkey juice?

Refrigerate or freeze the fat separately from the rest of the drippings, which you can use in a pan sauce for simple chicken. I’m assuming you didn’t make stock from the carcass, or you’d have already used the drippings in that. But you can add them to purchased chicken broth for a vastly-improved soup.

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